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  • The purpose of the project is to define a unique set of conventions for supersymmetric extensions of the Standard Model together with an accord specifying generic file structures for 1) supersymmetric model specifications and input parameters, 2) EW scale supersymmetric mass and coupling spectra, and 3) decay tables, to provide a universal interface between spectrum calculation programs, decay packages, and high energy physics event generators.

(conventions, definitions)
SLHA Read/Write Utilities
  • LHPC - a C++ based set of classes for interpreting files in the Les Houches Event File (LHEF) format and SUSY Les Houches Accord (SLHA: original SLHA1 and extended SLHA2) format. It also parses Flavor Les Houches Accord (FLHA) files, though with less functionality.
  • pySLHA - a Python-based reader, writer and plotter of SLHA and SLHA2 files.
  • SLHALib - a FORTRAN library of routines for reading, writing, and manipulating SLHA and SLHA 2 files.
  • SLHAea - a C++ library for SLHA input and output (requires the BOOST C++ headers)
  • SLHAio - a C++ library for SLHA input and output
  • The C++ SLHA read utilities in SusyLesHouches.h and in PYTHIA 8 have been written so they can be used standalone (independent of the rest of PYTHIA 8) and can be recycled for other purposes. Official writeup: EPJC 72 (2012) 2238
Spectrum Calculators:

Decay Packages:

Relic Density Programs:

Event Generators / XS Calculators:

Other Tools Repositories:

Additional Resources
Example SLHA files
Example Codes
  • main76.f: example how to use an SLHA spectrum file with PYTHIA 6, to generate supersymmetric processes, in this case stop1 pair production events at LHC; the run requires an external file with a SuSy spectrum calculated by an external RGE code, like "softsusy.spc" generated by SoftSusy.
  • main83.f: example how to use a BSM (QNUMBERS) file with PYTHIA 6; the run requires an external file with QNUMBERS blocks, like "main83.spc".

Related Projects and Accords
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