Dr. Peter Z. Skands,

ARC Future Fellow and Associate Professor in Theoretical Physics
10 College Walk, Clayton Campus, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

My Teaching:

4th year, 1st semester: Quantum Field Theory.
3rd year, 2nd semester: Particle Physics.

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My Research:

Theoretical High Energy Physics
Particle Physics Phenomenology
Event Generators: PYTHIA and VINCIA
Quantum Chromodynamics: Quarks, Gluons, Jets, Hadronization, Hadron Collisions, etc.
Physics at the LHC and Future Colliders
Top, Higgs, and searches for New Physics
Outreach and Citizen Science

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My Centres & Networks:

Monash-Warwick Alliance
Citizen Cyberlab (EU FP7 ICT)
MCnet (EU FP7 ITN)
QCD & γγ (FCC-ee WG5)


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"Once, the heavenly spheres were moved by magic and by the angels of elusive gods. To the rational and sane of enlightened times - a fairytale. And yet this universe appears to the inquisitive mind still so enigmatic, so full of the very mystery which breathed life and beauty into our earliest imagination, that man's greatest tragedy would be to dull his senses and not still, despite the limits of his Earthbound mind, seek to grasp the nature of that which brought him forth."